Georgiou Bros. Signature Meal


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Product Description

Angus steak topped with sautéed green onion and minced garlic served with white rice and broccoli.

Additional Information

Small Serving

4oz Cooked Measure

Small Nutrition

316 Calories; 28g Protein; 28g Carbs; 10g Fat

Large Serving

6oz Cooked Measure

Large Nutrition

537 Calories; 44g Protein; 54g Carbs; 15g Fat


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    Wow, this meal was incredible. Was juicy, and full of flavor. My new go to meal! Nice work MegaFitMeals!

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    This one is ****ing great!! Real steak!! Cooked perfect! Real cooking with onions and garlic. More onions and garlic please. This is the first meal I tired and am so glad I found Megafit meals. Great job guys!

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