Intuitive Eating vs.Tracking Macros

Let’s talk about two very popular dieting techniques or lifestyles that many people practice today (and no, we’re not just talking about bodybuilders).
Intuitive eating is a nutrition philosophy that consists of eating based off of hunger cues, and how you feel (physically). Tracking macros is a form of calorie counting based off of a set of numbers (grams of protein, carbs, fat) per day.

Which one is better, and which one will help you reach your goals faster?
The truth is, it depends. Both methods offer a pretty good amount of flexibility, both practice portion control, and both require you to take the opportunity to learn and listen to your body.

Tracking macros is something that everyone could benefit from, even if you just track for a small amount of time (2-3 weeks). Sometimes you don’t realize how little you’re eating, or how much you’re overeating, until you take the time to track it and calculate it. It could be a real eye opening experience for someone who’s never done it before. If your goal is to get as lean as possible, tracking macros is going to be the most accurate, because even the smallest variations in food intake could cause your results to vary.

Intuitive eating is a nutrition philosophy created with the failure rates of traditional diets in mind. It is great for people who don’t have a specific reason to lose weight other than being healthy and also if you’re wanting to work on developing a healthier relationship with food. It has no dietary restrictions or guidelines, it is simply listening to your body and paying attention to internal cues like hunger, fullness, and satiety. For someone who’s looking to create a healthy and flexible lifestyle, yet still see physical results, intuitive eating has earned a good reputation so far.

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