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After her soccer team disbanded late in her teen years, Lauralie Chapados joined a gym and turned to weight training as a way to get healthy and fit. After seeing great results fast, Lauralie decided she wanted to take things further and began her competition journey. She became known as the “dark horse” in the fitness world after she won 3 Pro shows and placed runner-up at Bikini Olympia just two years after earning her IFBB Pro Card. She earned a second runner-up at the 2021 Bikini Olympia . The Canada native is also known for her love of mushrooms.

A La Carte:

Shrimp, Bison, Turkey

Custom Meals:

Norwegian Salmon (5 oz), Brown Rice (¾ cup), Asparagus (5 spears), Mixed Vegetables (1 cup)

EAT LIKE Lauralie


  • Honey Mustard Chicken
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    44g 27g 5g 340

    Honey Mustard Chicken

    icons grey2 01 dairy free
  • MegaFit Signature Meal
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    40g 52g 5g 430

    MegaFit Signature Meal

    icons grey2 01 dairy free
  • Beast Burger
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    37g 41g 19g 440

    Beast Burger

    icons grey2 01 dairy free
  • The Go-To Meal
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    46g 47g 4.5g 430

    The Go-To Meal

    icons grey2 01
  • Flex Lewis Signature
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    38g 57g 18g 550

    Flex Lewis Signature

    icons grey2 01 dairy free
  • Turkey Burger
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    37g 34g 20g 450

    Turkey Burger

    icons grey2 01 dairy free
  • Steak & Fries
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    43g 34g 12g 420

    Steak & Fries

    icons grey2 01 dairy free
  • Grilled Shrimp
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    35g 45g 0g 320

    Grilled Shrimp

    icons grey2 01 dairy free
  • Fiesta Turkey
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    39g 30g 15g 410

    Fiesta Turkey

    icons grey2 01 dairy free

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