Athlete Brett Wilkin with MegaFit Meals Box
Athlete Brett Wilkin with MegaFit Meals Boxes
MegaFit Meals Athlete - Brett Wilkin

After the completion of his collegiate football career, Brett had the fire inside him to continue his competitive nature. And that is when the weight room and bodybuilding entered his life. After turning pro within one year of his first competition, he then grew from the classic physique category at 195lbs, to the 212 bodybuilding category, and now finally in the open bodybuilding category competing at 250+ lbs. He knows a thing or two about eating and chooses the quality of MegaFit meals.

Custom Meals:

Cheeseburger bowl, sweet and spicy chicken, steak and fries, Megabites, A la cart chicken and grassfed beef

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Product categories

  • MegaFit Meals - Steak Stir Fry
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    38g 30g 17g 430

    Steak Stir Fry

  • MegaFit Meals - Steak & Potatoes
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    42g 33g 12g 400

    Steak & Potatoes

  • Filet & Rice
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    43g 45g 10g 440

    Filet & Rice

  • MegaFit Meals - Sweet & Spicy Chicken
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    44g 58g 4.5g 470

    Sweet & Spicy Chicken

  • Honey Mustard Chicken
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    43g 28g 5g 330

    Honey Mustard Chicken

  • Cheeseburger Bowl
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    38g 45g 13g 460

    Cheeseburger Bowl

  • MegaFit Meals - Chicken (1 lb)
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    32g 0g 3.5g 170

    Chicken (1 lb)

  • MegaFit Meals - Angus Steak (1lb)
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    30g 0g 9g 210

    Angus Steak (1lb)

  • MegaFit Meals - Grass Fed Beef (93%) (1lb)
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    29g 1g 10g 210

    Grass Fed Beef (93%) (1lb)


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Select your pack size and choose from a wide variety of our deliciously clean, macro-balanced meals with the option to customize your own meals.


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We provide fully cooked meals with the macros you need to change your body and the way you feel about dieting.

The only commitment you have to make is to yourself.
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Our meals are prepared in a USDA approved facility.

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