Athlete Brandon Hendrickson
2016 Arnold Classic Winner
Athlete Brandon Hendrickson Associated with Megafit Meals

A 145-pound aspiring model, Brandon Hendrickson began hitting the gym in college to stay in shape but quickly fell in love with “the pump” and the mass he was gaining. Soon after earning his degree, it was suggested he try body building competitions, which he finally did at the 2013 NPC Junior Nationals. He finished seventh, but enjoyed being on stage so much he dedicated himself to the sport, winning the 2013 NPC National Championship soon after. Winning the 2016 Arnold Classic allowed him to finally put his full focus into the sport, resulting three Mr. Olympia wins in 2018, 2020 and 2021, among many other wins.

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Angus Steak, Shrimp, Red Potato Wedges, Brown Rice, Norwegian Salmon

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