Finding Time for Fitness: How to balance training with your work schedule and social life

Is it possible to have it all? A successful career, money to vacation with the family, and an admirable physique?

The answer is YES!

Here are some tips to help you move closer to reaching your goals:

  1. The struggle to balance all areas of your life can be overwhelming when you look at the big picture. It’s important to reduce stress by breaking down the process into smaller steps and goals, and remember that doing something is better than doing nothing at all. Set realistic daily, weekly or monthly goals. If within a few months you’d like to lose 20 pounds, then commit to exercising 3 times per week and sticking to your diet TODAY. When you focus on attainable targets you make the task less intimidating. By improving your change for daily success, you will build up to weekly accomplishments and eventually achieve your ultimate goal.
    • In a few months, my goal is to be 20 pounds lighter.
    • This week my goal is to exercise three times.
    • Today my goal is to stick to my diet.
  2. It’s tough to do everything well all the time, so write down your priorities and ensure fitness is included among them. If you are a newbie, try to move fitness high up on the list. You may want to talk with your family, friends and even co-workers about your plans to get into better shape so they are understanding and supportive while you get into a good routine. Once you’ve settled into a schedule and are more dedicated, you can start to juggle around your priorities to make up for lost time with friends or catch up on household chores. Just make sure that fitness is somewhere in the list of priorities or you’ll lose all the progress you’ve made!
  3. When we’re forcing ourselves to do something we don’t always want to do – like cardio – it’s easy to procrastinate and waste precious time. Get your least favorite activities done early in the day so you can feel good about checking them off your list.
  4. The ability to do multiple things at the same time well is a practiced skill. Multitasking doesn’t only mean reviewing that report while doing cardio, but can also include packing a snack so you don’t have to stop at home before the gym. Try to plan ahead so your drive across town is well spent rather than wasting the hour you could be lifting struck in traffic.
  5. Order your healthy meals from MegaFit Meals – so you don’t have to meal prep and have more time for training and life! You will also be making better use of your time, because every workout will yield better results if you are fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to grow.

Try to record what your daily activities are so you can streamline your routine and make sure your time is being well spent. Time management is everything when trying to reach your goals.