MegaFit’s Competition Prep Perks

Another week is here and another order of MegaFit Meals is going down as we speak! I love that I have the option to customize a never-ending variety of meals from the ground up! I have never been able to order meals so easily with such transparency. The macros add up right in front of you as you add your proteins, carbohydrates, and your vegetables.

I love to create meals that I can just simply pop into the microwave for 2-3 minutes or toss into skillet and chef it if up for 5 minutes. Either way you do it, the meals are delicious and quick. My custom meals start with protein. I live for variety, so you’ll see me eating lean bison, lean ground turkey, chicken, flank steak and white fish. Yes, they have BISON! The fattiest meat option is 90/10. That’s how you know you’re eating premium quality protein every meal. I move onto my carbohydrates and vegetables and fill my meals with sweet potato slices, mashed sweet potato, russet potatoes, white and brown rice, zucchini, broccoli, and green beans.  Everything is seasoned perfectly and salted perfectly as is.

They cover all of your meal prep needs whether you’re Vegan, Keto, Paleo, high-protein, low-carb, gluten sensitive…everything. This includes their HUGE variety of Signature meals. If you’re feeling Mexican, grab some enchiladas or the South of the Border Chicken. If you’re feeling Italian, like eating breakfast all day, or want dessert with every meal…MegaFit Meals has you covered. Even more satisfying, everything in the container is measured and accounted for so there are no worries about making additions when it comes to keeping track of your meals. They do it for you! All sauces, syrups, guacamole, everything is chosen and measured with your macros in mind. All meals, including custom meals come with your macro breakdown right on the container or sleeve that your delicious meal is in.

These meals are not only quick to heat up and enjoy, but they’re perfectly packaged and shipped in a timely manner. They’re cooked fresh, flash frozen, packaged with dry ice and shipped out.  I plan my orders so that I can receive my meals with in 2-3 days after ordering. They’re specific shipping days make this an easy, stress free process and I always know when my meals will arrive. Which means, I can order them when I’m on the go for work and for my competitions throughout the year! This is a HUGE lifesaver.

Using MegaFit Meals has given my competition prep diet a boost of variety and fun. This gives my approach so much sustainability and makes prep a heck of a lot more fun and easier. I eat MegaFit Meals every single day and I have put all of my trust in this company. So much, that my athlete’s use and eat MegaFit meals for their improvement and competition seasons. I have no doubts that with Mega Fit Meals, I will have the most successful year of my life starting with my health, my business, my marriage, and everything in between.

Before I wrap this up, I want to share a typical day of eating with you to show you how MegaFit Meals compliments my lifestyle.

Meal 1: My personal homemade breakfast

Meal 2: MegaFit Meals chicken and sweet potato slices

Meal 3: (choose 1) MegaFit Meals Sweet and Spicy Chicken, South of the Border Chicken, MegaFit Signature Meal

Meal 4: MegaFit Meals flank steak, brown or white rice

Meal 5: (choose 1) MegaFit Meals Funky Monkey Protein Pancakes, Blueberry Protein Pancakes, Protein French Toast

Meal 6: Megafit Meals flank or chicken, quick oats, and almonds or pecans (don’t knock it until you try it!)

STAY TUNED! My next blog is going to be about how Flexible Dieting may be the best option when it comes to accomplishing your goals.