How to Replace Your Resolutions With Lifestyle Changes

New year, new me! Right?

The vicious cycle of setting New Year’s fitness goals and soon forgetting them has been a tradition for years, and we’ve all been a victim.

We say it’s time to break tradition.

The term “resolution” implies that a problem exists and that the problem needs to be resolved. Once a problem is solved, it no longer requires attention. While this may hold true in some situations, living a healthy lifestyle requires a lifelong commitment, rather than a temporary lifestyle changes. We came up with a few ideas to give you a fresh perspective on your goals!


Many popular fad diets and exercise programs include a time constraint to appeal to the consumer. 30-day detox! 10 day cleanse! 3 week HIIT program! To create truly sustainable behaviors, it is important to find a routine that can be maintained over an extended period of time. Instead of challenging yourself to something extreme for a short period of time, find something less extreme that you can maintain for many months, or even years.

Be Specific

When deciding what change you want to identify, be specific about your area of improvement. Try “I will include at least one vegetable every day with dinner”, instead of “I will eat healthier.” Focus on small healthy additions here and there, before heavily restricting yourself.

Include more fruits as snacks before eliminating all sweets entirely.

Emphasize The Process 

An “outcome-oriented goal” focuses on the result of a goal. However, you cannot reach the outcome without a process, and if the process fails, the outcome fails. Be aware of your actions and their consequences on the outcome, and that will help identify what areas demand the most improvement.


Intrinsic motivation increases as you see results, so designate a way to track your progress. Consider variables that may be nontraditional. How are your energy levels throughout the day? Do your workouts feel stronger or weaker? Are your clothes fitting differently? Are your sleep habits improving?

To leave you with one final cliche quote… consistency is key! Every individual is unique, so find what works for you and your future. Being able to create and maintain healthy, safe, and sustainable habits is crucial to leading a healthy lifestyle.