Why You Should Start Eating Salmon

When it comes to a healthy diet, many people mistakenly disregard seafood as their choice of protein, unaware of the nutritional value that comes with putting it on your plate. Not only is it delicious, versatile, and satisfying, it is also the secret weapon to a multitude of wellness boosts. Salmon is very beneficial to your health in numerous ways and when eaten once a week can drastically improve your wellbeing. Here are 5 reasons you should be eating Salmon weekly:

1. Omega-3s

Salmon contains Omega 3s, which are essential fatty acids that your body cannot produce naturally. This fatty acid is ultimately what makes salmon a valuable superfood. The Nutrition and Cancer Journal found that it can decrease your risk of cancers such as prostate, pancreas, and colon. The National Eye Institute found that you are 30% less likely to report sight loss as you age if you have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids from salmon in your diet. Your brain can even benefit, as the Journal of Nutrition found that the DHA fatty acid in salmon can help prevent the inflammation that causes dementia. It also keeps you alert and focused, feeding your brain the Omega-3s it craves. You are also 21% less likely to contract cardiovascular disease if you eat salmon once a month, and 31% less likely if you eat it twice a week. 

2. Omega-6s

With all the love for Omega-3s, these other important fatty acids are often overlooked, but Omega-6s play an important role in your body. They have been shown to reduce blood clotting as well as inflammation in the body when consumed regularly. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer have been shown to be caused by inflammation in the body, so eating salmon weekly reduces these and other chronic disease risks.

3. Packing Protein

One portion of salmon has up to 58% of your recommended daily amount of protein. Cell Metabolism found that a high protein diet leads to increased glucose production which in turn helps with satiety, or feeling full for longer. This also helps you build and maintain lean muscle as well as burn off that extra fat. 

4. Vitamins 

B Vitamins help with energy levels, high cholesterol, immunity, and your risk of strokes. One portion of salmon contains more than 50% your daily value of  B12, 50% of your daily value of B3 and 45% your daily value of B6. These, along with many other vitamins, are packed into each fillet, giving you natural cures to some many common health problems. 

5. Weight control

In addition to that satiety boost mentioned earlier, salmon has also been shown to regulate hormones that cause cravings. It also increases your metabolic rate and increases insulin sensitivity. Omega-3 fats have also been shown to promote weight loss and decrease liver and belly fat in those that are overweight. On top of all of this, salmon is also low in calories, helping you feel full while not overeating. 


When it comes to salmon, the benefits are endless and everyone could use a little more in their diets. Integrating one or two servings per week can nourish your body and reduce the risk of numerous diseases. MegaFit Meals’ Flex Lewis Signature Meal has 5oz of Salmon in every meal, taking the time and work out of meal prep. Give it a try today!