Not So Sweet Reality: Why You Should Cut Back on Sugar

Ah, sugar. That sweet little crystal that packs a big taste … and an equally big hit to your health.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about sugar. So many so we even did a blog on it last year.

Yet, there’s one thing almost everyone agrees: It can be very unhealthy for you.

From obesity to depression to diabetes to cancer, excess sugar intake has been strongly linked to many of the most-deadly health issues we face. In fact, many blame the rise in sugar as an additive to the rise in cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, kicking that sweet tooth can be tough. Not only is sugar in far more things than you realize, but it’s also extremely addictive. Yet, for those willing to put in the work, the benefits are worth it, and not just those literal killers mentioned above.

Here are two major benefits of cutting back on sugar:

Increased energy levels

Did you know the global energy-drink market was over $53 billion in 2018 and is expected to hit $86 billion by 2026?

Basically, it seems everyone needs more energy these days. A reason behind that may be the energy sources we currently consume.

While natural sugars from fruits can be healthy, added sugars found in most foods are simple carbohydrates. This means they’re digested fast and enter your bloodstream quickly, giving you that classic “sugar rush” of energy. But anyone who has seen a kid after he or she consumes a handful of candy knows what eventually happens – you crash. Thus, you reach for more sugar, and the cycle continues.

Basically, added sugars are like fireworks. A big burst of excitement that is short-lived. This is why it’s no surprise so many energy drinks rely on sugar.

Meanwhile, eating foods high in protein and healthy fat like almonds and avocados can also provide you energy, but they do it in a far steadier way. Think bonfire. The fire starts small but eventually grows to a sizable flame that lasts a while.

Lose stubborn belly fat 

Cockroaches, rats, and abdominal fat – arguably the three hardest things to get rid of known to humankind.

Ok, that might be a bit of stretch, but it sure feels accurate.

Much like the other vermin, belly fat is brutal to exterminate once it appears. Unfortunately, sugar is a big reason it appears in the first place. Blood sugar spikes from added sugar trigger a flood of insulin through your body, which tells your body to pack on fat around your midsection.

That belly fat is called visceral fat, and it buries itself deep in the abdomen. Hence why it’s so hard to cut. That also makes it the riskiest kind because it generates adipokines and adipose hormones—chemical troublemakers that travel to your organs and blood vessels, where they bring on inflammation that can contribute to conditions like heart disease and cancer.

So, by cutting out added sugar, you’re no longer contributing to your belly bulge, which means you finally may be able to get rid of it.