HOW TO STAY ON TRACK by Priscilla Aqilla

Feeling off-track lately? Or maybe just out of your groove? You’re not the only one. The key is to not let yourself stay this way, you have to get back to it and keep moving forward. Here are some tips for how I stay on track:

-DRINK WATER like it’s your job
Drinking water increases hydration, supports your metabolism, and calms your appetite.

-PLAN each meal in advance
Being prepared when hunger strikes is key- you’re less likely to fall off track if you make it a priority to always plan your meals in advance.

-REMIND yourself of the progress you’ve made 
Time is passing by anyway, why not make an effort every day to improve yourself physically and mentally?

-MOVE every day in some way- walk more, clean more!
The more you move, the more calories you burn.

-VEGGIES are your friend
Eating vegetables throughout the day (at least two meals out of the day) leaves you feeling more satisfied and less likely to munch on empty calories.

-REPEAT this tomorrow!
Motivation is fleeting. Discipline is forever. That’s what separates the great from the BEST.


Priscilla Aqilla
MegaFit Athlete