Reset Your Diet: 4 Tips to Get Back on Track

There’s a big misconception about diets and how much they suck.

People say sticking to your diet is the most challenging part, and avoiding unhealthy foods is the biggest issue. It’s not.

Others think getting started is the hardest part. Considering in 2021, 45% of the global population was actively trying to lose weight, that doesn’t pass the sniff test, either.

So, what’s the most challenging part? Trying to get restarted after you’ve fallen off the wagon.

You mentally prepared yourself to go on a diet, ordered all the MegaFit Meals to help make it easier, and you were seeing great progress … until that pool party or the rough week at work or Thursday afternoon completely derailed you.

Suddenly, all that hard work and positive energy seems shot—the guilt and shame flood back. And the thought of trying to start back up seems like trying the scale Everest.

Fortunately, you’re not alone, as it’s a safe bet that many of the 3.6 billion people on diets last year hit some roadblocks.

Here are 4 tips to help you get back on track with your diet this season:


  1. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed

Guilt and shame are two of the worst emotions a person can feel, as there’s zero positivity to either. And when you spend a few days of eating junk food and missing workouts, you’re bound to feel both.

The thing is, weight gain and weight loss come from consistent behaviors. So, one day of poor eating and or even a week of no exercise probably won’t hurt your diet, just like one day of healthy eating and a gym routine won’t help it.

You messed up. You’re human. If you own it, move forward, and don’t let yourself make the same mistake, you can get rid of the guilt and shame before they start the death spiral to fully quitting on your goal.

  1. Plan meals, and add in some new ones 

Whether you do them on your own or get help from pre-made meals like MegaFit Meals’, planning out what you’re going to eat actually does work.

By planning your meals, you’ll be able to ensure your body is getting enough nutrients, so you’ll feel fuller for longer.

The best thing about it? You’re in control!

You already know what’ll be on your plate every night of the week, and if you feel like mixing it up, you can. That can be huge, so you can get excited about some new things to eat. Plus, if you plan right, you’ll have something to throw in the microwave, and that’s even easier than shelling out the cash for takeout.

  1. Recruit a friend

We’ve all been there – you’re at a restaurant, and everyone else is sipping on drinks and letting loose while you’re stuck sober, sipping water.

Yeah, that’s not exactly the definition of a good time.

Chances are, you’re not the only one in your circle who wants to shed a few pounds. The point is, find someone with similar goals and work on them together. Not only will they make a great support system, but it’s much more bearable to resist treats when you know you’re not the only one forgoing them.

  1. Allow yourself to treat yourself

When people go on diets, they tend to go to extremes. And extremes tend to cause burnout.

That’s where it’s important to treat yourself. No, seriously.

Treating yourself is proven to help with weight loss, and it’ll keep you motivated. It’s much easier to keep going when you know you’ll get a reward for your hard work.

And if you’re down about the bad food you just ate, chalk it up as treating yourself a little, and suddenly you can easily transition back to your diet.

Plus, treating yourself can also prevent decreases in your metabolic rate. Your metabolism is what converts food into energy. However, if your body is used to eating the same foods repeatedly, your metabolism has less work to do, so your metabolism slows down and causes you to gain weight.

By switching up with a treat every now and then, your metabolism still has work to do, so it can’t slow down and cause pounds to pile up.

So do a little mind shift. Eating too much cake at the party wasn’t you messing up; it was you treating yourself and helping kickstart your metabolism so you can continue strong on your diet.