Training Day

There’s nothing quite like training camp.

Every time I prep for a fight, I fly down to Florida to train at the Sanford MMA Gym. It’s two months of two-a-days, five days a week. It’s hard work. It’s painful. And I love it.

The comradery. The skills training. The mental preparation. There’s nothing like it to get you ready for a fight.

So what does an average day look like? Here’s the rundown.

7 a.m. – Time to get to work … well, after I get a cup of coffee. I’m human. Then it’s my typical morning routine, including a protein shake.

9:15 a.m. – Arrive at the gym. The first 45 minutes is all about warming up my body, rolling out my muscles and stretching with a Pso-Rite Mobility tool (feels Pso-good).

10 a.m. – Time to hit the mat. This is my hard work out of the day. Two straight hours with the team, grappling, striking, running, training until I’m drenched in sweat and smell like … nothing good. A Protein shake comes right after.

1:30 p.m. – Finally, some real food, as I get some solid nutrients in with a Megafit Meal

2-5 p.m. – This is my time to do whatever I need to do. Might be running errands, bodywork, recording a podcast, knocking out interviews, journaling, watching film, expanding my brain power or, rarely, just relaxing a bit. I definitely eat a protein bar or a healthy snack here. I’m trying to make weight. So, there’s not a lot of room to indulge, but I need to keep eating the right stuff to keep up with how hard I’m pushing my body.

5:15 p.m. – Back at the gym, again, for more rolling out and my Pso-Rite mobility routine

6 p.m. –  My second workout kicks off, with this one usually being more skills based with a coach, working individually to hone various aspects of my technique.

8 p.m. – Dinner time is another Megafit Meal

9-11 p.m. – Time to wind down. This is when I get to call my family and check in, relax a bit and just let my body start the recovery process.

11 p.m. – My head hits the pillow

11:01 p.m – Asleep