Turkey Spaghetti


Lean turkey with our Greek style home-made spiced tomato sauce over gluten free spaghetti and topped with parmesan cheese.

Proteins Carbs Fat Calories

Ingredients: Ground turkey, gluten free pasta, yellow onion, tomato sauce, parmesan, parsley, spices

Contains: Milk

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  1. Steven

    Really love this meal prep company. Definitely the best I’ve tried so far. However, this meal is definitely not my favorite. I was hoping it would’ve been a more traditional Italian bolognese. Instead, it is spiced with cloves and is very oddly flavored. It’s not terrible, just hoping for better.

  2. Billy Georgiou

    Thank you for your feedback! Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it. Our family is Greek, and this is one of our Greek specialties. It is not a traditional spaghetti. But so glad you are enjoying our other meals!

  3. John

    I love the twist Megafit puts on this sauce. I completely disagree with the review above wanting another boring Italian Bolognese sauce. Will be ordering this one again!

  4. Aaron

    Will pass on this one next time. Did not taste like spaghetti whatsoever. It tasted like a candle, just like how it smelled. Consistency was fine. Kind of high calorie compared to other options on here, so there’s no use getting it since there’s no payoff with flavor.

  5. Billy Georgiou

    Aaron, we appreciate your feedback! Our Turkey Spaghetti is our Greek family recipe, so it can be an acquired taste for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. ahudson1006

    This meal did not taste like traditional spaghetti. The meat sauce tastes like it is flavored with cinnamon or cloves.

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