Sweet & Spicy Chicken


Grilled Chicken Drizzled with Sweet & Spicy Sauce and Fresh Cut Pineapple on a Bed of White Rice.

Proteins Carbs Fat Calories

Ingredients: Chicken breast, jasmine rice, pineapple, pineapple juice, mango purée, spices

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  1. Denver

    the contrast between the sweet pineapple and the spicy on the chicken, is a great combo ! And the Macro’s are a perfect meal.

  2. 7missdrea7

    Great! Feels guilty but so awesome.

  3. jessiehasbun

    This was flavorful I certainly loved being taken on a journey with this one my mouth is watering as I write this lol.
    So worth it.

  4. robleger30

    This meal was not my favorite it was only rice, chicken and accouple pieces of pineapple. not much taste and the chicken was dry. if fact most of the chicken dishes the chicken was dry. however the Jay Cutler bowel was not. probably will not order again.

  5. Billy Georgiou

    Thank you for your feedback Rob! I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with this meal. We use very high quality ingredients, including our chicken. Our chicken is very lean and is not pumped with water, preservatives, or any fillers that you will find almost anywhere else. But- that can come across as dry to certain people. We will work to solve that for you. Thank you again!

  6. beastygonzo0614

    The flavor and macros within this meal combined with the staple bodybuilder meal of chicken and rice all go really well together! Tasty, seasoned just right and a nice added touch with included pineapple!

  7. c.p.martin21

    One of my go to meals, perfect to bring to work. The chicken is the best quality and flavor of any meal service I have tried. The macros are pretty close to perfect for my meal plan as well. Do not need to add any seasoning at all, great taste.

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