Jay Cutler Signature Bowl


 Grilled chicken on a bed of jasmine rice and fresh peppers with sautéed onions served with our homemade teriyaki sauce.
Proteins Carbs Fat Calories


  1. Georgios

    I’ve been buying megafit meals for almost a year now. The Jay cutler bowl is my favorite out of them all. This will be my number one staple! Very flavorful! – Georgios V

  2. claytongarland

    Just started MegaFit a little over a week ago. The Jay Cutler Bowl is the bomb! It will be included in every order. So good.

  3. jessiehasbun

    I’m a sucker for a good teriyaki sauce, I thought this was good although it wasn’t my favorite it’s still worth eating.

  4. BrandonNButler

    First meal I have eaten. Unbelievably good, immediately ordered another. Very impressed!

  5. Aaron

    One of the best Megafit meals.

  6. Matt

    Top 3 meals
    Jay C bowl … Burger bowl… SouthWest Beef 😁

  7. nayaperry21

    This meal is my favorite, I love chicken rice and peppers combo, and the sauce with this meal makes the meal! So delicious!

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